Friday, November 21, 2014

Not a favorite post

Not my favorite type of post here: 
     The cost of living here in Grand Turk is very high as can be attested by those who've visited. Over the last few months we've battled with financial shortages but have made it thus far. 
    We currently have 74 days until we arrive in the States for deputation. During these remaining days we must have enough finances to cover our work permits to return after deputation. (We need $3,500 for this cost.) To come home we need $2,500 for flights! Of greater importance currently is a lack of nearly $1,600 this month to cover expenses for cost of living. 
    We have little doubt we are right within God's present plan. We've seen great victories and advancements in Grand Turk and feel certain God is not finished with us in Grand Turk. By Gods grace with your help we shall stand to see tomorrow. Donations are tax deductible @


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