Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas from the "Crew."

Church Christmas Dinner

Saturday night we had our 1st Christmas dinner. This picture was before eating and not everyone had arrived yet. We had over 70 in attendance. I hope that God will use this time to break down barriers many have put up against being around church folk.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Starting out young and sounding good!

Way to go Grandma!!!

Check out the cast! Its so amazing what Grandparents will do to get your attention. (HA) Grandma took a spill while going into Miejer and broke her wrist. Trust me, she's not lost her spunk, she's just lost her balance. Hope she finds her balance soon! -- Rob

Gramps, hope you got Brad on the speed dial!

When at Grandma and Grandpa's this is usually where you'll find the kids. Nearly, everytime they leave Gramps has to call Brad to resurrect the computer.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Randy and Heather, Scot and Suzanne, Amy, and Robs Mom, Dad, and grandma. Thank you Heather for getting me involved with CVS and other coupon web sites. (IT WORKS)

Front of our Church

Interior of our Church.

We are truly thankful for God leading us to pastor here at this church. We realize now that God had to send us to Haiti in order to place us here. We had been part of a great Conference for years and had no plans to leave, but God saw otherwise. It's a homecoming for us, because we were with the Midwest Pilgrims for 6 years prior to leaving them in 2001. God is working, prayers are being answered, most of all God's Holy presence is very often sensed in our services. This past Sunday a young sinner man said to Rob, "One of these times I'm going to work up enough nerve to come to the altar." This was after Rob gave an altar call. God is working in Nick's life.

Our little house!

By far this has to be our favorite house. The folks went to great lengths to prepare for us a beautiful place to live. We love it here!

The "Yount Memorial Fellowship Hall"

Notice the steps leading up the side? These lead to a beautiful "prophets chamber." There are two bedrooms, two full baths, and a very nice sitting area. For us, its our visitor quarters for family and friends who come to visit. With only 3 bedrooms in our house, we have none to spare.
Go to older post to see inside pictures of fellowship hall.

Entryway in Fellowship Hall

Half court basketball in our small gym.

We had our first real Youth activity a few weeks ago. There was over 20 young people that showed up. Before that night we knew only 3 of these young people. Wow! All of the other Young people used to come to church regularly. We hope and pray that God will bring them back. It is also nice to be able to use your own facilities. God has blessed our church with a beautiful fellowship hall with a small area to play basketball and volleyball. The original intent was to start a school. Those plans fell apart after the steel building was purchased. Leaving us with a wonderful multi-purpose building.

Best Pals -- Josh and Alex

Joshua and Alex finally got back together after 6 years. June, 2001 we moved to PA to take a pastorate. 7 hours of separation kept them from spending much time together. After coming home from Haiti we moved back "home." Instantly they hit it off, football, the Colts, dogs, and anything that moved became their mutual interest. Now their apart again, but looking forward to the Christmas program at UBC.

The "Boys" best friend!

Daisy is only 10 months old. After realizing we would not be returning to Haiti in February, the boys begged for a dog. While in Haiti we had German Shepherd named Major. Major was excellent around Lauren and the boys. He made sure no one came near our house. (Sometimes very aggresively.) Realizing how good nature Major was, we made up our mind that our next dog would be a German Shepherd, thus we now have Daisy