Wednesday, April 2, 2014

1st Quarter Update

Greetings from Grand Turk,

            What a difference a year can make! On March 4, 2013 we landed in Grand Turk with nothing more than a calling, a vision, and a passion to develop an indigenous work. We had little idea where to start, so we just began loving the people and visiting in homes of those connected with the church. Thankfully, God has multiplied our efforts. 
            Welcome to the very southern tip of Grand Turk and sharking 101. Greetings Professor Demarco! You are seated in the white sand listening to the waves roll in; its “hands-on” teaching night. While waiting, the conversation turns to questions about God, and for the next few hours the professor and students question you. Student Shard speaks up in the midst of the conversation and exclaims, “Pastor, we are like the disciples and you are like Jesus teaching us by the seashore.” How exciting!
            Now, fast forward to Friday and climb aboard the white Ford church van as we begin the van route to pick up kids for Kid’s Church. The driver is Demarco, the door opener is Josh, and the van captain is Shard. Prepare your ears for it is about to get loud for the next 30 minutes with the 15-25 kids packed into the van. Finally, back at the church you are in for a treat. To your right are nearly 30 boys and to your left nearly 15 girls who are ready to clap their hands to the beat of a song, learn a Scripture verse, and hear a Bible story.
            We welcome you to Sunday morning service. Fellows, forget the suit jackets and loosen your tie. Ladies, you will perspire since it is 85-90 degrees in the church. Sunday evening takes us to a Bible study. You are about to hear choruses that you have never heard, but may wish you had, as Shavar leads the singing. Testimonies are given: the fellow who said he could never give up rum, the man who was sitting in prison around a year ago, a lady who has a rough road at home, and a fellow who broke up with his fiancĂ© because she refuses to seek God.
            God is working, and we need you! We need you to pull on the ropes of prayer as the enemy is preying on the people who are coming to church. They face daily opposition from family, friends, and even from other churches.  Please pray for the children who come; these children have amazing potential! Pastors, pastors’ wives, missionaries, teachers, and church leaders can be mined out of this group as we pray earnestly. Please help us pray concerning an assistant pastor to fill in as we come home for deputation. We also need your financial support. In 10 months, we must return to the US for deputation. We are currently in need of no less than $3250 per month in support to carry us through to January 2015. If you have not given, would you consider investing in the work at Grand Turk for the next 10 months or by giving a one-time gift? You may donate at: or by sending a check to HIM, PO Box 1065, Hobe Sound, FL 33475. Please mark Rob Loper family in the memo line.
            We thank you for your interest and investment in our family. What you have seen, heard, and read concerning the Lopers and Grand Turk, you have partnered in. God is blessing your prayers and financial investments.

The Rob Loper Family

PS. We welcome you to look at our Facebook page (Rob n Martha Loper) for photos and frequent updates.