Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Newsletter

 Greetings in Christ name,
    “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” (Psalms 127:1) That’s exactly what God is doing here in Grand Turk.  God is rebuilding His work and establishing it in a powerful way. 
    A visit to The Lighthouse Church means a visit to your home!  It was through this practice that God began rebuilding the house.  During one of these visits came these words from Renessa, “Pastor, I really desire to know more about God, can we start a Bible Study?” Exciting words as God was opening a door to begin midweek services.  Here’s how it s working; 1st week no one came, 2nd week 1 came, 3rd week 4 came, 4th week 8 came, 5th week 10 came.  At the end of one Bible study one asked, “Is it wrong to be anxious?”  Asking why, she replied, “The Bible says, ‘Be anxious for nothing,’ and we are so anxious to come to Bible study.”  Another claimed, “I look forward to this like I do for Christmas.” God is rebuilding His house in Grand Turk.
A major adjustment was not having Sunday night services.  Upon arrival we tried in our timing to open this, but no one would come.  We have been praying for nearly 4 months that God would give us Sunday night services.  Through Wednesday night Bible study we developed a great friendship with Demarco.  Demarco loves to fish, so fishing has become a part of our home!  While fishing Demarco unburden his heart stating, “Pastor, when I leave on Wednesday nights, the next Wednesday night seems so far away.”  God was answering a prayer and opening a door.  Asking of his interest for a Sunday night Bible study/ service he stated, “If you do it, I’ll be there.”  Father’s Day, we ask about interest in this and we had 4 strongly affirm, “We’ll be there,” “when can we start?”  God is rebuilding His house in Grand Turk.
            We ask for your prayers in several ways:  1. There is a strong desire for a youth ministry but we need more local involvement.  2. Pray for Wednesday and Sunday night Bible study.  3. Pray for a need of a Sound System for the Church – it is very difficult leading services without this.  We seriously rely on you pulling on the ropes of prayer for us.  We count on numerous ones lifting our family and the ministry up daily in prayer.
            We praise God for several things beyond what we mentioned above: 1. Supplying $7,500 of A/C for our home.  2.  Supplying funds for Josh and Mike to attend Youth Camp.  3.  Monthly supporters following through with their pledges.
Yours for Christ,
The Lopers
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