Friday, March 15, 2013


News from Turks and Caicos (TCI)

         It was 107 degrees, deputation had just started and we faced unlimited questions and fears as we faced the unknown.  Since that hot afternoon we have traveled over 19,000 miles and been in nearly 70 different Churches.  Fear has been turned to faith, as with each new need, God has poured in His blessings and supply.  
January 12, after returning the van we used during deputation, we flew out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida.  January 22, Rob traveled to Grand Riviere, Haiti, with a work team to put a roof on home for Danny and Liz Flowers.  They were able to complete the project and arrived back home very weary.  Since arriving in Florida, we have been very busy securing items that aren’t available in Grand Turk. We are very thankful for the opportunity H.I.M. extended to us to stay on Campus and enjoy Sea Breeze Camp.
February 19, we left Hobe Sound, Florida at 5 am for Ft. Pierce, Florida and Missionary Flights International.  As the plane departed from American airspace our hearts were filled with peace.  At 10:50am we landed in Turks and Caicos Islands and began working on our permanent papers immediately.  For a fee of $2,500 yearly, we are allowed to Pastor and live on Grand Turk.  All of our supplies will arrive March 12 for a fee of $4,500.  Flights, permanent papers, and cargo cost will be over $10,000.  
We invite you to come visit us!  We are in great need of your daily prayers.  Prayer is the key to any victories in Grand Turk! You can join us everyday on the Island through come along!  We need “follow through” with pledges.  To those who have started, thanks.  Each pledge is counted upon to remain in Grand Turk.  (Anything we can to do help in this matter, please inform us.) Your faithfulness makes you a partner in what God is doing in Grand come along!
Yours for Christ,
The Lopers

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