Friday, August 29, 2014

Island Basketball!!

Here is what basketball looks like in Grand Turk.

August 2014

Greetings in Christ name,
            I stood astonished, near the end of Kids Church a young man stood and said, “I’m offering $10 to however can quote from memory the most Scripture verses next Friday night.”  For the next week several kids took the challenge seriously, studying and memorizing as many Scriptures as they could.  Friday night came and the challenge was on, someone was going to earn $10.  Bebe a teenage boy from Haiti was ready! He came forward and quoted 19 verses.  He worked extremely hard, but the missionary kid Lauren quoted 20!  (The challenge was for all and the winner was simply the one who quoted the most.)  Quickly, another $10 was offered so that the top girl and boy could earn $10.  What a great investment!  That Friday night over 39 verses were quoted from memory, 39 verses that will not return void, 39 verses that will accomplish what God pleases to do!
            Recently the phone rang and on the other end a young man said, “Pastor, what does the Bible say about relations before marriage?”  In a culture where immorality and children out of wedlock are rampant, this question was exciting.  He then said, “Pastor, I got you on speakerphone I want the office to hear your response.”  Several weeks later on social media I noted a picture of this young man with a bunch of kids.  Someone wrote, “Now its time for you to have your own children.”  He responded, “I won’t be having children until I’m married.”  Thank God for quick obedience! On a recent Sunday night a young man shared, “Pastor, I’m really struggling with women!  I tell myself when I see a indecently dressed women not to look, but when she passes I do what I didn’t want to do.”  The classic struggle between the Spirit and flesh!  The perfect opportunity to point out James 1:8 “A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways,” as well as James 4:8 “Cleanse your hands ye sinners, purify your hearts ye double-minded.”  Please pray much for this young man that he indeed would seek a pure heart. 
            Daily we have multiple youth in our yard to play basketball.  The basketball court is loose dirt and when they play the dust flies into our kitchen window.  FEA has approved a project to pour a concrete court that would be used for multiple purposes.  We have a team willing to come but need $3,000 for this project.  (Click here to donate)
In closing we want to thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  For 18 months God has supplied every need through your faithfulness.  We are excited to announce that in 5 months we will be back in the States for deputation.  Soon we will be calling Churches and scheduling services, please keep us in mind.

Yours for Christ,
The Lopers – Rob, Martha, Josh, Mike, Tyler, Josiah, Lauren, & Eli

Here a few pictures;
Lauren and Ashley.
Youth with God's Missionary Youth Crusaders
Renessa and Martha - (Renessa recently accepted Christ into her life)
Martha and one of many 'Island Kids.'
Solomon with his new friends.
Pastor Delancy changing out electric panel box in house. 

A new door with an awesome breeze to help cool down a very hot house!

Repairing rusted rebar on house. (Church needs done badly)

TLC 2014 Team Grand Turk!  

A tired missionary kid.

A boy who has a dog is a happy boy.  (Not our dog, just one of many strays)