Thursday, February 7, 2013

News Flash

Dear friends,
     David Livingstone once said, "If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?" We definitely feel it to be a great honor to be commissioned by God to assume the position of Pastor/Missionary on Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
    It has been said that the reason some folks don't believe in missions is that the brand of religion they have isn't worth propagating.  Thankfully, that is not our case!  We have a brand that is worthy of being shared with every nation, every town, and every individual.  However, not all can go to the foreign field, but all can have a part.  
    As we prepare to leave we face 4 needs: we need prayers, investors, supporters, and suppliers.  
1. We need your prayers. Wesley Duewel once said, "We can reach our world, if we will. The greatest lack today is not people or funds. The greatest need is prayer."   
2. We need investors.  Currently the church is relying on financial support for operating costs.  We seek individuals who will invest in replanting the Church. 
3. We need supporters. Over the past few months many have pledged to support us as we leave for Grand Turk.  Thank you for that pledge, and may God bless you as you follow through with your pledge starting this February.  Your follow-through with your pledge is our lifeline for the work in Grand Turk.  
4. We need suppliers.  Along the way in mission works there are projects.  God. Has supplied many needs through suppliers. Here are a few: digital piano, projector, freezer, and moving expenses. Some needs remain such as, schooling, legal paperwork, ceiling fans, and a PA system, 
   We are excited about what lies ahead and are looking forward to reporting back to you what God is doing. May God bless you for your prayers and support.

Yours for Christ,

The Rob Loper family

  • All pledges can be sent to: H.I.M - PO Box 1065 - Hobe Sound, FL. - 33475 (Be sure to mark for Rob Loper family)
  • You may also click on the link below and make your pledge. 
  • All contributions made through H.I.M - F.E.A are tax deductable.