Thursday, November 14, 2013

News from November

Greetings in Christ’s Name,
      Adjustments are the new normal in our lives. The challenges of Island living and missionary living 
are two separate challenges merged into one. Where do you go for a vacation? How about a day trip to town? Where can we go where we’re not Pastor? What do you do with time, when projects cost money and you have none? How do you escape 110-degree heat without A/C? Then you must deal with cultural differences. What do you do when the neighbor boy is at your place and its time for supper? What do you do when that same boy’s parents head to town and leave him with you without asking? What about unexpected visits at all times of the day? What about uninvited guests inviting themselves into your family time around the dinner table. How you deal with these kinds of things will make you or break you. (Sometimes we feel broken.)

     In coming to Grand Turk, we knew our God-given assignment. God defined clearly to us that we were to see to the establishing of the church. We have found the task to be much different than pastoring stateside. We started at zero numerically on March 4, when we arrived! Our first Sunday we had three “Belongers”; the last Sunday of October we had 67 “Belongers.” (Special service) We have started at zero when it comes to Biblical understanding and living. This has proven to be a challenge as it is absolute, very basic teaching. It’s here that we work much differently than in the States. Stateside we’ve pastored established churches, here we are challenged to develop and make disciples. God is blessing in these efforts.
      We are working with Mr. Demarco, a young man who has the capacity to be a strong spiritual leader. It is a thrill to see God working in his life. He recently stated, “When I’m struggling, I hang around godly people.” (Now, we know why he visits so often.) We work with Mr. Garret who recently was saved and baptized. Mr. Demarco now has taken Mr. Garret and is teaching him what he has been taught, creating another disciple. The last Sunday of October, I watched as an old friend of Mr. Garret came to church. It was so interesting watching a newly converted believer reaching out and beginning to teach what he had been taught. Mr. Garret recently stated, “I just feel like I’ve found a new family.” As is common with missionaries we tend to leave out the hard times. Times like when a young lady states, “I want to get saved, but I’m not ready to give up some things; then watch her strong interest for God fade as she becomes very cold spiritually.
     Yes, we are adjusting! God is blessing! But, please understand we need you! We need your prayer covering daily! We need your words of encouragement! We seriously need your financial support! we add as well, thanks for your prayers, encouraging words, and financial support. Thanks for your investment.
Your for Christ,
The Lopers