Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lopers Update

Greetings in Christ’s Name,

After much prayer, counsel, and careful consideration, we feel clearly lead to resign from serving as missionaries to Turks and Caicos Islands. As our time working as active missionaries with HIM comes to a close, we would like to thank the staff and leaders for the privilege of working with them.

We also thank each of you for your faithful prayers and support. We are very grateful for all who gave to the various projects while we were in Grand Turk. HIM leadership will properly allocate the funds given for these projects and oversee the ongoing completion of them. We ask that you prayerfully consider transferring your financial support to one of the many great missionaries within HIM.

Respectfully submitted, Rob and Martha Loper

Dear Friends,

The HIM team would like to express gratitude to you for your prayerful and financial support of the Rob Loper family. In supporting them you have helped us care for their spiritual, emotional, social, and financial needs. You have been faithful and generous. May God bless you for it!

Rob Loper and his family had to return to the States because of medical issues. Following a period of intense prayer and physical challenges, the Lopers sensed God leading them not to return to the field. Having accepted their resignation we are assessing the gap created as a result of this change and hope to expeditiously bring closure to it.

Please pray for the Lopers as they adjust to life stateside and discern God’s leading for their future. We want to express thanks to them for their service over the past four years with HIM. We wish them Godspeed and His richest blessing in their future endeavors!
Serving the church, reaching the world,

Sidney G. Grant
FEA Ministries, President
Hope International Missions, Director

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Report on missions investment

Greetings in Christ name,

Investments! Over the past few years many of you have invested prayer and finances into the work in Grand Turk. As with any investment, returns are important! While traveling on deputation before moving to Grand Turk, we shared three challenges given to us by God: (1) Establish a body of believers (2) Equip the body of believers and (3) Entrust the body of believers. It is from these three we report on the returns of your investment.
When we arrived in Grand Turk on March 4, 2013, we were the only holiness people on the Island. The church had no one attending the previous nine months! God quickly began opening doors of ministry that could never have been orchestrated through man’s efforts. Within 10 days of arriving on the Island, four of the five ministries we are currently involved with were started.
  1. Prison ministry – Monthly and sometimes up to three times a month, we have the privilege of going to the Turks and Caicos Prison and sharing the good news of the Gospel. No greater joy in life can be found than seeing those sitting in darkness and despair begin to see a better way of living.
  2. Radio ministry – Every six to eight weeks our Church has the opportunity to broadcast our services live through Radio Turks and Caicos. This opportunity presents the possibility of over 30,000 potential listeners.
  3. Bible study ministry – Each Wednesday evening two to twenty people gather into our living room as we study God’s Word. Over the past two years we have studied many of the great doctrines of God’s Word. This time of study has been the equipping tool for the body of believers.
  4. Sunday evangelistic service – Starting at 11am or sometime thereafter, church begins with an average of 35-45 in attendance. From the first Sunday with five in attendance to a Sunday with an attendance of 109, God has been building a body of believers.
  5. Kid’s Club ministry – This ministry started two months after our arrival. We average 40-45 kids every Friday night and averaged over 65 for our VBS.
Along the way we have included in these ministries those who have exhibited signs of spiritual growth. Helping with our Kid’s Club are Demarco who drives the church van, Roshard who rides along to help with the children, and Renessa who has helped with games. Shavua has lead singing for the Kid’s Club as well as singing specials in church. Melissa is currently leading the song service in church. Khumari has helped with putting together the Christmas program. This has been done in an effort of entrusting the body of believers.
With confidence we can state that your investments have reaped great returns. Lives have been changed! As we return to Grand Turk September 1, we ask for your continued investment.
Yours for Christ, The Lopers 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A friendly horse!

Enjoying church with a/c!


November - December Newsletter

Greetings in Christs Name,  
    What a golden opportunity it is for us to share Christ in a country where religion has redefined everyday Christianity. At times the thought has crossed our minds that perhaps replanting a church wasn’t needed here in Grand Turk. That thought has been totally erased as we’ve spent Wednesday and Sunday nights studying basic Biblical doctrines and ethics. These times have taught us that we are not replanting, we are starting brand new! Darkness is darkness whether it is in the form of religion or heathenism!
    Many who have begun to attend Bible studies over the last 20 months grew up attending church. While it could be thought the work here is being built with people from other churches, hold that thought and visit a couple Bible study sessions. Its Wednesday night and its HOT! There are 15-20 people gathered to study Christian ethics and tonight the issue is purity before marriage. As we go from scripture to scripture revealing God’s plan for courtship and engagement listen and look closely. Listen for the whispers, sighs, and hushed laughs. Look at heads in hands, rolling of eyes, pointed fingers, and blank stares. Something is happening! Biblical light is breaking through the darkness as the Holy Spirit is bringing another person into conformity to Truth. As always at the end of Bible Study, questions are welcomed but tonight they’re not questions, they’re statements. Statements such as:

“Pastor, thanks, I’ve never heard this before...Pastors don’t share this stuff.” “I grew up in church but never knew this.

“I’m going home and calling my girlfriend - we’ve got to have a Bible Study.” “Boy, I’m going to start looking for my tux.”
If this has happened once it has happened 10-15 times in the last 20 months. There is no shame in being a light-bearer for Christ in a place that has misidentified true Christianity!
    Come visit and you’ll see a great need for Bible study as well as many other ministries. Listen to three young boys in the most formative years share their struggles. “Pastor, I wish I could go to school with your children.” Why? “It is so hard to be a Christian at school because the boys do drugs and show pornography on their phones and make fun of us if we don’t watch it. I wish you had a school I could go to then I could be a Christian.” Watch those same boys at suppertime as they hang around hoping for food! Do we send them away hungry? Never!! What about the child missing school because of lack of funds for proper medication? What about humanitarian and educational ministries? I say be bold and seek a big vision for we serve a mighty God!
    In closing please pray for the church here since we must return state-side for deputation. We are still in need of someone to fill in for June, July, and part of August. Please pray for Rev. Bob Clouse and his wife as they fill in from March through the first of May. They will need $3,500-$4,000 to cover expenses for that time period. (All giving is tax-deductible through HIM/FEA.) May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.
Yours for Christ,
Rob, Martha, Josh, Mike, Tyler, Josiah, Lauren, & Eli Loper 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Not a favorite post

Not my favorite type of post here: 
     The cost of living here in Grand Turk is very high as can be attested by those who've visited. Over the last few months we've battled with financial shortages but have made it thus far. 
    We currently have 74 days until we arrive in the States for deputation. During these remaining days we must have enough finances to cover our work permits to return after deputation. (We need $3,500 for this cost.) To come home we need $2,500 for flights! Of greater importance currently is a lack of nearly $1,600 this month to cover expenses for cost of living. 
    We have little doubt we are right within God's present plan. We've seen great victories and advancements in Grand Turk and feel certain God is not finished with us in Grand Turk. By Gods grace with your help we shall stand to see tomorrow. Donations are tax deductible @


Friday, September 26, 2014

A/C Units for Church

A/C units for Church!

    We are so excited to add to our attendance these awesome items.  It will be nice to worship and preach in air-condition for the fist time in years.  
    Concerning the use of a/c units in our home and church, our Regional Director said, "If God provides a/c units He will as well supply the finances for running them."  I felt no way it could be so after seeing our electric bill last year after running window a/c only at night.  After adding mini-split a/c units in our bedrooms our electric bill has went down considerably.  It would be most miserable to not have a/c to look forward to at night!  The Caribbean is steaming hot from June-October and these things are a must wherever electricity is available!