Friday, May 10, 2013

May Newsletter

Greetings from Grand Turk, 
Broken into! Yes, our first night here we had a startling break-in! Outside of the back bedroom window footsteps of the intruders could be heard. Suddenly, around 4:00am they abruptly and rudely awoke us out of our sleep with loud braying under the bedroom window. What a surprise! 
If God can use a donkey to preach a message, couldn’t He use one to “open the door” to a community? He can and He has! One week after the break-in, while eating supper, we noted a donkey frantically running down the road with two boys in hot pursuit. Soon they returned laughing until Rob jokingly asked, “Where’s my donkey boys? Why did you chase him away?” The frantic donkey had opened a door! The next night we had 13 neighborhood kids playing baseball in our yard. 
When we arrived we had several assignments that pressed upon us. First, the mission vehicles were in need of repairs, inspections, and insurance to be legal to drive. The church van insurance cost is $305 yearly. The inspection and license cost is $240 yearly. While at the Government Garage, Rob met the Prison Chaplain who asked if he was willing to preach at the prison. In less than a week we had a prison ministry! Our second assignment was to get our legal papers. The task has proven very expensive: $250 yearly for adults and $300 yearly per child which equals out to $2,300 per year. Unfortunately, we only figured this cost in our budget as a one-time fee. Thankfully it’s God’s bill, and He always pays them on time. 
The church was our third assignment! Without completing the first two we couldn’t legally live here and legally use the vehicles for outreach. When we arrived March 4, the church had been closed for eight months. We have found out since being here, that the church was rarely open on a regular basis over the past few years. With it being closed eight months and infrequently used over the past few years, we’ve had to overcome some hurdles. God has blessed and to Him we give glory! Over the last month we’ve averaged over 22 in our services, with a high of 28 in attendance for a service. To God be the glory! 
In closing, we want to thank everyone who has been involved with our ministry here in Grand Turk. We have felt your prayers as we adjust to a new culture. We have sensed your prayers as God has opened numerous doors of ministry. Thank you for praying; we are relying on your prayers. Thank you to each of you who have given financial support in the form of shares. Your giving has enabled the ministry here in Grand Turk. We heavily rely on your continued financial support. Thank you who have given for project expenses. We still need a sound system for the church. We are also raising funds for A/C in the church and in our bedrooms. All giving is tax-deductible when given through H.I.M. 
Yours for Christ, 
The Lopers    

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